Conventional Financing

SBA & USDA Financing

Most Recent Funded Transactions: $3,100,000 Acquisition of Quality Inn & Suites, Kansas (65 Suites)                          $6,000,000 Acquisition of Hampton Inn, Texas (74 Suites)                           $2,700,000  Acquisition of Suburban Lodge, NC (133 Rooms)                               $2,500,000 Cash-Out Refinancing of Quality Inn, Florida (126 Rooms)

Conventional Financing is a mortgage in which the interest rate does not change during the entire term of the loan which is not guaranteed by the government mortgage or Insurance Guarantee programs. Such financing are eligible for Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, Improvement of Commercial Real Estates.

This financing qualifies Owner Occupied and Investment Properties with options of Fixed and Variable Rates, 60%-80% LTV, 15-30 years of Amortization, Property must show a minimum of 12 months DSCR of 1.2:1 to 1.4:1 and Borrower should have sufficient industry experience.

SBA and USDA are Government finance sectors both are designed for small businesses and can be used for the Acquisition, Construction, Renovation, Improvements, Purchase FF&E and for Working Capital. Each has its own strengths and specific requirements. Mostly used programs are:

SBA 7A Program: for purchases or refinance up to $5M, terms 25 years
SBA 504 Program: for purchases between $1M to $6M, term 20 years
USDA B&I Program: for construction and purchases between $1M to $10M, terms 30 years.



Bridge/Mezzanine Financing

Equipment Lease up to 100%


Bridge financing are typically non-bankable loan more expensive than conventional financing to compensate for the additional risk of the loan. Bridge financing typically have a higher interest rate, points and are typically arranged quickly with relatively little documentation and repay until permanent financing can be obtained.

Mezzanine financing is a hybrid of debt and equity financing with repayment requirements, but with rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in a company. Generally subordinated to senior lenders and is referred to as subordinated debt. It is beneficial on the balance sheet of a company and makes it easier to obtain standard bank financing.

Benefits Lease Programs
Longer Terms: Up to 84 months.
Little or No Down: Small up front costs; makes lease very attractive.
Fixed Payment: Monthly payments are fixed for the entire term

100% Financing:
Traditional methods of financing usually do not include "soft costs" such as installation, service contracts and freight. We provide transactions include all which allow you to finance the total package.
Purchase Options Are Available: At the end of lease terms, you may purchase the equipment at an agreed upon price or simply return the equipment.

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