SBA Lending Programs for Hotels and Other Properties:

There are 2 types of governmental SBA loans available. First is the 7a program for financing of $5 million or less. The second is the 504 program for purchases between $1 million to $6 million. Each have its strengths and specific requirements. Contact us so that your specific questions can be answered immediately. Start the process today.

Under the 7a loan the ability of repayment from the cash flow of the business is a primary consideration in the SBA loan decision process but good character, management capability, collateral, and owner's equity contribution are also important considerations. All owners of 20 percent or more are required to personally guarantee SBA loans.

Advantages of SBA Loans

  • Smallest down-payment from borrower
  • Very Low Interest Rates on CDC/SBA Loan
  • Commercial RE Financing Specialists rates can be fixed or floating
  • Prepayment options
  • Fully assumable loans


Commercial RE Financing Specialists specializes in providing long term permanent financing to small businesses. Government guaranteed, including the 7(a) Loan Program, are made through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Commercial RE Financing Specialists also offers non-government guaranteed loans through our conventional loan program.

Use of Proceeds

  • Hotel and Other Commercial Properties - acquisition, construction or refinance - up to 85% financing available
  • Debt Refinance - up to 100% financing available
  • Working capital provided


  • Up to 25 years for Hotel Financing

Loan Amounts

  • Loan amounts range from $500,000 to $5,000,000
  • Lowest prepayment penalty program

Interest Rates

  • Interest rates are always market competitive and based off of Prime Rate.


  • First Mortgage - fees are always market competitive.

Eligible Businesses and Property Types

Almost any type of for-profit business is eligible for financing. Commercial real estate must be,
but is not restricted to, the following types of properties:

  • Hotel/Motel, Apartment/Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse, Self-Storage,
    Car Wash, Gas Station, Restaurant, C-Store, Truck Stop, Day Care Center, Golf Course and Others