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Entire Loan Package:

Loan Package-Excel

Loan Package-PDF

This is an all inclusive file that includes all the documents below. By downloading this file, there should be no need to download any of the other individual documents. This Excel book contains the Loan Application, a Checklist, Business History and Profile, a Business Debt Schedule, a Management Resume, a Personal Financial Statement, and an Environmental Questionnaire.

Loan Request Summary:

Loan Request Summary - Excel

Loan Request Summary - PDF

Use this one page summary sheet to provide us with the basic overview of a loan request that you would like us to consider. Intended for broker use.

Loan Application:

Loan Application - Excel

Loan Application - PDF

This is a two page form of a loan application to be completed and signed by the borrower.

Loan Submission Package Checklist:

Loan Submission Checklist - Excel

Loan Submission Checklist - PDF

Use this checklist to facilitate compiling your loan package, and to let us know which items you are sending and which are are still to come from the borrower.

Business History and Profile:

Business History - Excel

Business History - PDF

To be completed by the borrower so that we can gain perspective of the history of the business to be financed.

Business Debt Schedule:

Business Debt Schedule - Excel

Business Debt Schedule - PDF

To be completed and signed by borrower, allowing us to assess the indebtedness of the business to be financed or refinanced.

Management Resume:

Management Resume - Excel

Management Resume - PDF

One page document with basic questions on the experience of all borrowers and key management personnel.

Environmental Questionnaire:

Environmental Questionnaire - Word

Environmental Questionnaire - PDF

This is a basic questionnaire, that would be easily superseded by an environmental report, if a current one is available. It is best for most borrowers to answer these questions, while with certain loans, it might be an unnecessary additional form.

Personal Financial Statements:

Personal Financial Statement - Excel

Personal Financial Statement - PDF

General financial information about the borrowers/guarantors to be completed by the borrowers/guarantors and signed.

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