Conventional (Fixed or Variable):

AARCS offers Nationwide Commercial Real Estate Financing solutions for a variety of circumstances with loan amounts from $1M to $100M. AARCS advises our clients on a wide variety of capital structures available in the industry to make sure the most favorable financial terms are achieved. AARCS approach a clear identification of the client's necessities and possible structure, resulting in a most favorable financial solution.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate loans are a very much attached to the mortgage industry; many opportunities exist for negotiation on mortgage lending terms, especially interest rates, loan terms, loan maturity and prepayment penalties. Because of our profound relationships with the lenders, AARCS can provide the best available fixed interest rates and additional terms in the industry. Borrowers can feel secure knowing that the rates will not change throughout the entire term of the loan. We know when to recommend fixed rate loans to our clients through our loan underwriting process.

Variable Rate Loans

Variable Rate loan is typically indexed to Prime or London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), which tracks and approximates the Federal Funds rate. Many of our clients have chosen Variable rate loans to take advantage of the historically low interest rates for the past few years. Variable rate loans offers generally minimal or no prepayment penalties. They are particularly attractive to buyers with a 2 to 5 year financing, such as acquisition of a property going though a renovations or a turnaround, AARCS can help borrowers take advantage of these Variable rate loans for their immediate short term helpfulness or as a smart way of strengthening their long term strategy.

Conventional Loan Program:

Property Types:

Hotels/Motels, Apartments/ Multi Family, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse, Self Storage, Mobile Home Park, Healthcare and Other Facilities

Loan Amounts:

$1M - $100 Million

Loan Types:

Acquisition, Refinancing, Construction, Bridge, Mezzanine


3, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 Years


15 - 30 Years

Minimum DSCR:

1.20% 1.40%

Maximum LTV:

85% (Loans < $5MM) 70%-75% (Loans >$5MM); Seller Carry Back Allow


Full Recourse or Non Recourse; Deal by Deal

Rate Index:

Treasury Bills Rate / Prime Rate / Libor Rate / FHLB Rate / Swap Rate


50 - 400 basis points

Geographic Area:


Application Fee:

None upfront to AARCS; Varies by Lenders


45-90 days from complete due diligence package