Conventional (Fixed or Variable):

Construction/Development: AARCS offers Nationwide Construction and Development lending programs to help developers and investors to find stable and competitive rates with loan amounts from $1M to $100M. Our financing varies with local, regional and national construction loan programs to offer the best financing available for a size of real estate development project. AARCS approach a clear identification of the client's necessities and possible structure, resulting in a most favorable financial solution.

Forward Commitment

Forward commitments are gaining most popularity in the current borrowing climate for commercial real estate. This involves a commitment by a lender to make a loan in the future, often with a predetermined rate. AARCS has developed many resources for forward commitments and has experience in obtaining the best structure for the borrower.


Similar to a construction loan, a renovation loan may involve financing for the specific purpose of upgrading of an existing property in order to project the desired image of a product or service to the market. AARCS is able to help borrowers present their renovation program to the right lending source and to plan and consummate transactions in a timely fashion, with the best rates and terms available.

Construction / Development Loan Program:

Property Types:

Hotels/Motels, Apartments/ Multi Family, Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse, Self Storage, Mobile Home Park, Healthcare and Other Facilities

Loan Amounts:

$1M - $100 Million

Loan Types:

Acquisition, Refinancing, Construction, Bridge, Mezzanine


3, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 Years


15 - 30 Years

Minimum DSCR:

1.20% � 1.40%

Maximum LTV:

85% (Loans < $5MM) 70%-75% (Loans >$5MM); Seller Carry Back Allow


Full Recourse or Non Recourse; Deal by Deal

Rate Index:

Treasury Bills Rate / Prime Rate / Libor Rate / FHLB Rate / Swap Rate


50 - 400 basis points

Geographic Area:


Application Fee:

None upfront to AARCS; Varies by Lenders


45-90 days from complete due diligence package